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Partners,- accounting firms, can use AIVA 9001 program for their customers business accounting, or offer their customers decision-automate business management processes using AIVA 9001  and  to transmit data through the program interface in  the accounting program .

These solutions help you run your business  , as well as your  customers.

Accounting firm AIVA 9001 programs use are:
a) do not need to manually enter the data from the purchase and sale documents programmatically, they formed the business process management. Thus saving significant labor costs, the firm more time and better serve our customers more quickly
b) the firm may serve clients in need of speed in goods and materials accounting, as no longer necessary to bring physical documents and records in real time.

Corporate customers AIVA 9001 allows to automate virtually all business management processes, reduce labor costs, introduce new methods of working with customers, CRM, e-commerce, e-marketing, the introduction of the ISO 9001 quality management principles, the introduction of its incentive the performance pay system.
Accounting firm can to offer AIVA 9001 decision to all its customers, both small and large businesses.
AIVA 9001 program can either buy or rent, use it as a service to the Internet. The price includes a database and web site hosting web server and the program author's supervision.


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