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IT companies can use the TornadoSoft program for the  new systems development.
TornadoSoft AIVA program is a new, original designed, accounting information systems development tool.
To create a new, tailored to customer requirements, accounting information system only need to enter a new description of the system or copy the description of previously developed applications and to complement or replace.
Create a new system in practice is not required to make any programming, so TornadoSoft  a few times  shorten the development time and cost. The client can almost immediately see how will look like new system being created, and after his remarks,  to be adapted to customer needs.

IT companies, which acquire TornadoSoft program can not only use it for the own creation of new applications to their customers, but also take advantage of already created on base TornadoSoft applications from AIVA SISTEMA  and its other partners who are using this tool. Such a previously developed system, the partner can easily be modernized according to the needs of its clients, modify, add, or waive some of its features. One of such applications partners receives in conjunction with TornadoSoft program. This application the partners can distribute to their customers and it  also serves as an example for creating new applications.

TornadoSoft program is implemented in PHP with a MySQL database management system.

If for the creation of new applications based on TornadoSoft program it is not enough some features for its realization, AIVA SISTEMA  can realize these functions  having its partner orders.


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