AIVA SYSTEM has been developing business solutions since 1990. We are the first in Lithuania which since 1993 started to provide Internet services and the first ones to create an online store.

During the last ten years we have developed the original AIVA 9001 enterprise business process automation program. Based on this platform, in cooperation with many Lithuanian companies, we have developed and implemented solutions for MANUFACTURING, CONSTRUCTION, TRADE, SERVICES.


Our software automates not only accounting, but also management processes, comprehensively integrates all processes of the company, includes CRM, ERP, ISO 9001, E-commerce functions, easy to adapt and deploy to non-standard solutions. Despite the fact that it is a very large system, its price is much lower compared to similar foreign applications known for its functionality (SAP, Microsoft Exapta, Oracle, QAD, etc.), and it's easier to install.



AIVA PRODUCTION software is best dedicated for companies that produce non-standard products adapted to the individual needs of their customers and custom design products.

Our program automates: Active Customer Relationship, Purchase Order and Price Calculation, Production Planning, Supply Management, Production Operations Management, Materials and Semi-Automatic Accounting, Access Control, Time Recording, Accounting and other processes.


AIVA CONSTRUCTION is dedicated to project management and accounting. Automates the design of Gantt's schedule, price surveys and supply management, allocation and accounting of works, tools and mechanisms for planning, accounting and other processes.



AIVA Trading program is designed for automation of wholesale and retail management processes: Active Customer Care, Commercial Proposal Preparation, Supply Management, Warehouse Accounting, E-Commerce and other processes.



AIVA software has solutions for a wide range of service companies - car repair, maintenance, advertising, and so on. management processes automation. The software automates preparing of commercial offers, customer orders management, job scheduling, job execution, and other processes. 


Our mission is to dvelop original, Internet based, easy adaptable business management software, which could help our clients to automate management functions to achieve their best performance .

Our distinct competitive advantage is that we can find best solutions for our customer problems, where the others fails.

Company profile


AIVA SISTEMA, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, capital of Lithuania, is the one of leading Lithuanian software developer.




Dr. Robertas Sertvytis founded the company in 1990.


AIVA SISTEMA is a key partner with many of its customers in helping them deploy the technology they need to capitalize on the efficiencies of the Internet.


Our main software products, which we have developed and distribute now, are:


AIVA 9001 software

We developed software AIVA 9001 based on Internet technologies.

The AIVA 9001 software perform all basic functions-marketing, CRM functions, E-commerce, odering, stock accounting. It could easy be translated to other languages.

We are looking for partners, which want to distribute this software and share profits with us.



In website   everybody can create own website in 7 languages-English ,German, Duch, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian,  Lithuanian.



The document and complain registration, control and information software.

Developing new software under your requirements.


Web based purchasing software.


WEB based software fo invetory information and accounting

Developing new software under your requirements.

We can develop software using the most advanced technologies (XML,SQL,etc..) for very cheep price.



Aguonu g. 6, Vilnius
LT-03213, Lithuania

Tel. (00370 5) 212 32 58
Code: 120124533
VAT code: 201245314



dr. Robert  Sertvytis

Tel. +370 698 02 977
El. p. robert@

Skype: dr.robertas.sertvytis



Director of Product Management

and Innovation 

Kristina Vega

El. p. kristinavega@





Regina Skrockiene

Tel. +370 212 32 58

El. p. regina@







Project Manager

Gintaras Stankevicius









We offer cooperation for IT companies in EU and other countries:

1. Selling and introducing AIVA 9001 process automation software in other Your country

In Your country is possible to sell AIVA 9001 software for SME in following fields of business:

1) Wholesale companies of various technical goods like computers and etc.

2) Metal, wood, tectile, machines, electronics, mables etc goods manufacturing companies, expecialy these companies, which produce nonstandard customized, according customers wishies, products. 

3) Constructions companies

Selling of AIVA 9001 it will be easy if Your company staff will use AIVA 9001 in they everyday work, for them will be very easy to explain their clients why is worth to buy this system, how it works and teach to wok with it.

AIVA getting order from Partner will prepare the database in Internet service provider server, will prepare software installation for Partner client and will invoice Partner for software.

Partner getting prepared software for its client from AIVA will make installations in client’s computer and teach client how to use it and consult him after client begin use ir in his company.

To these clients, which will have support contracts AIVA will send new versions of software with new functions.

If Partner client want new functions its order Partner will send to AIVA, AIVA will prepare commercial offer to Partner, and Partner - will send it with its margin  from itself to client and will make new contract to develop new functions. After that AIVA will sign similar contract with Partner, make new functions And will send updated version to Partner, and Partner -to client and show how works new functions.

3. Obtain TornadoSoft software tool for the development information application systems

IT companies can use the TornadoSoft program for the  new systems development.
TornadoSoft AIVA program is a new, original designed, accounting information systems development tool.
To create a new, tailored to customer requirements, accounting information system only need to enter a new description of the system or copy the description of previously developed applications and to complement or replace.
Create a new system in practice is not required to make any programming, so TornadoSoft  a few times  shorten the development time and cost. The client can almost immediately see how will look like new system being created, and after his remarks,  to be adapted to customer needs.

Starting from one of the best - "TORNADO" personal computers and servers’ production, which were certified under the ISO 9001 quality standard, after the first in Lithuania started providing Internet connection services.

  We were one of the first companies which in 1999 created software and open own e-shop. Further we developed this e-commerce system in powerful business optimization systems. The main activity of our company becomes e-commerce and business applications development. For last ten years we constantly improve business optimization, customer management and inventory systems.

Our products are installed in many municipalities, academic institutions and SME. One of our main products - the business optimization program Aiva 9001 which includes e-commerce, CRM, ERP functions, in INFOBALT 2003, the Information Technology Exhibition was nominated for Best Product of the Year competition. One of the largest information technology exhibition CeBIT 2008, this program has been strong, the whole world, interest.

AIVA SISTEMA always strives to remain the reel, to listen to the client's wishes and to offer the best solution. Depending on the customer wishes we continuously improve the products that they make better meet the current needs of our customers.

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