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For small jewelry manufacturing companies we offer a comprehensive business process management solution,- jewelry articles cataloging, these products sale in stores using cash register (POS), supply jewelry materials management, material write-off of jewelry products, the  products manufactured the registration to the warehouse, the material and produced products accounting.

 In addition, the program will calculate the slaesman's salaries form the sales profit.

For sales Jewelery  online we will create an online shop, which will work from the same product catalog, which is used AIVA 9001 in sales management over the cash register and production.

 Get through the E-store orders  will be recorded directly to the orders list. From this list, after selecting the customer order, system will form the shioment documents-bills of lading, invoices and write-off shiped  products from the warehouse.

The picture bellow explains system functionality.

  AIVA 9001 for jewerly production and sales management

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