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Currently, many construction companies do not automate customer management processes, wihich causing various issues:

- Information is stored in a variety of locations and is therefore uncomfortable to analyze

- The process of preparing tasks for competitions is not formalized, it is difficult to control

- Information on lost tenders is not collected and analyzed, and the same mistakes are made in preparing proposals for new competitions.


The AIVA software incorporates automation features for client engagement, including the creation of a customer database, registration of tenders and simple inquiries, and the creation of a database of documents, customer action planning, and contract registration. The main fuctions of AIVA CRM for builders:


Registration of inquiries from potential customers


All customer inquiries, drawings and other documents

 sent by them are registered. Planned appointments, calls that clarify needs, calls and price queries are sent through program emails. This helps to avoid losing potential customers and to assess the work of managers with potential customers


Registration of competitions


The competitions in which the company plans to participate are registered. Loading tender materials, offers from suppliers and subcontractors, Offer for tender, certificates.

This helps to organize and better prepare for competitions, build a database for analysis of wins and losses


Contract Registration


The winning contracts are registered and the documentation files are uploaded or transcribed from the tender. Imported to be consistent with customer estimates for constructive. They serve to further the project.

Preparation of proposals


For small objects or works, it is possible to quickly prepare estimates and commercial offers through the Commercial Module by setting up your work and material fees in the program database (Catalog).


Customer Action Plan


Customer inquiries and contests can be used to schedule calendar actions with clients, assign tasks to other employees (eg collect certificates, etc.), record tasks. The Scheduled Tasks program automatically creates work plans for employees, reminds of upcoming task deadlines. This helps to better prepare for the competitions, keep in mind the work done, and managers can easily control what they plan and do.




From a cumulative database, the data program forms contact reports for managers and clients

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