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Many studies have revealed that effective management of construction materials plays a significant role in the performance of construction projects.

 Building construction and operation are considered to be one of major consumers of material. Therefore, it is of particular interest to minimize handling of construction materials, which reduces costs and the chances of damage or misplacement, and to provide transparency of material availability and prompt responses in the supply chain. A late delivery or delivery of incorrect quantity or quality can cause a huge cost. Studies show that many organizations could not complete their projects due to delivery deviations, and hence found difficult to persist their businesses, and ultimately the reputation could have permanently damaged as they were not able meet their customers' demands.

 In AIVA CONCTRUCTION software is realized process management approach form project jobs and required for these jobs’ material planning until delivery these materials to the construction site. Project foreman make a weekly request for the materials, which are required for planed in the project schedule works. These requests are transformed by the supply department into orders sent directly from the program by e-mail to suppliers. Upon receipt of the ordered materials or mechanisms, their registration can be performed directly at the site, confirming the execution of the order.  The main steps of these process are described below.

1. Creating weekly requests for materials and mechanisms

For the materials order for project first foreman select a week from the project schedule when he need materials. After that the program generates a table with the required materials and mechanisms for that week according to the plan. The foreman just needs to clarify the materials specification and quantities if its needed: to add on of new materials not included in the estimate; to distribute the quantity of materials in days of the week; to describe what mark of the material he prepares, etc.

 So, performed foremen’s requests are displayed in the register for the supply manager.



3. Price Survey

The supply manger, from Foreman’s requests, first at all carry out the materials suppliers' price survey.  To do price survey he just need to give command after that all job make the program- select suppliers, prepare letter with price request and send it for the selected suppliers.  

The suppliers after receiving the request for the price o the listed materials need only input in the special form their offered prices. This prices AIVA program write through Internet in the database and show to the supply manager. After that the supply manager choose the best offers and confirm the   orders of materials to them.




2. Request review and  control

Foremen's requests are displayed in the register for the supply manager. He provide the financial control of all projects. AIVA program calculates the amount that has already been ordered and how much remains in the project. This helps the supply department to control procurement compare with estimates.


4.Transforming requests into orders to suppliers

The program reformulates the materials requests for the projects into orders for suppliers. The supply manager only has to choose from which supplier to order materials and confirm the order to supplier. After that, the program prepares and send e-mails with the orders.


5. Registration of ordered materials

After the materials have been sent by the supplier to register their receipt, it is only necessary to select the order from the order register and confirm that the materials have been received. If the quantities differ or the invoice can be corrected by adjusting them and adding the document number. These data are automatically transferred to the bookkeeping.


6.Material logistics management from a central warehouse to an object

If the materials required in the application are in the warehouse of the company, they are transferred to the object through logistics.

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