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Generally, in a building organization, a project schedule is created using planning programs such as MS Project, Open Project, Excel. Using such not specialized for construction industry project planning programs, you need to enter a lot of data to create a project schedule. It takes a lot of time and increases management costs.

 Meanwhile, the AIVA Project Gantt Schedule is based directly on estimates, which saves time for scheduling.

  The main functions o AIVA Gannt module:            

The AIVA Project Schedule allows the creation of greed for project work, materials and machinery delivery

When the project is selected, the program automatically generates the initial project schedule, which the planner, by dragging the names of the works on the calendar, plans the order of their execution and deadlines, so the planning process is relatively quick and helps to make the project plan faster and, if necessary, change it.



The AIVA Project Schedule module provides a budget, material, mechanism and workforce plan

By scheduling a project, the program calculates the budget for materials, mechanisms, subcontractors, and labor required for each week or month, and calculates the number of workers needed to complete the plan on time or shows how much work is done with both workers. This helps planners make better project scheduling.



Project schedule data is used for price surveys, supply and work management

By using specialized project planning programs, their project scheduling data cannot directly control other processes. Meanwhile, the AIVA project scheduling program module provides new opportunities for project management from project plan to form applications for price surveys and supply, and accounts for jobs.


 You can save and restore project schedule changes

The project schedule may be rescheduled as circumstances change. The program saves previous versions of the plan that can be restored and explain why the schedule was changed.


  Flexible addition and modification of the project schedule

Although the project schedule is made up of project estimates, it can be changed and combined, works created, new units added, new materials, mechanisms added to the works, and work list supplemented.

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