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In AIVA CONSTRUCTION program work management and accounting is performed from project schedule. The process diagram is shown below.


Creating weekly and daily tasks

For the selected week, the program creates a list of required jobs. The work supervisor remains only to distribute the workload on the days of the week and to enter the quantities of work actually performed. In this way, the program saves time for the job manager for task preparation and performance control.


Tablet application for reviewing works

The required daytime work can be transferred to a tablet or smartphone. When a job manager accepts the work done, the tablet can mark that the task has been completed or what quantity has been executed if the task has not been completed or exceeded. Such a solution helps the manager to register the execution of works directly on the site.


The work done is quickly displayed in Gantt's graph

After registering that the work is done, the program shows in Gantt graph what helps managers to monitor the project quickly and clearly.

Formation of a cumulative monthly performance report

From the recorded tasks performed, the program calculates the number of jobs performed per month and displays them in a cumulative work report.   This saves a considerable amount of time for the staff to prepare the report.


Printing of works and VAT invoices

The performance report can be used to print out a work order for approval with the customer.

After reconciling the work of the act, it is possible to enter the amount of agreed works, which may differ from the actual works, and to print the final works act for signing. According to the reports contained in this act, the program generates a VAT invoice for payment. All you need to do is to enter a minimum amount of data, so you can save a lot of time.


Calculation of salaries for workers for their work

From the work done, the program automatically calculates salaries for the workers, which increases their interest in the job.

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