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AIVA 9001 can help to more efficiently make service of  plant machines, reminding of planned repairs, and helping to quickly resolve and record accidents.

The main tasks of machine-tools and equipment operation management, which are provided in AIVA Service system:

·        Establishment of an annual plan for scheduled servicing of machine tools and other equipment

·        Monthly service plan creation from the annual plan. Formation of assignments and work control and accounting

·        Registration of emergency failures, assignment of executors, reservation of spare parts, receipt and usage accounting.

In the service plan, for each machine tool or work center, the weekly job will be selected, the composition and duration of the work.

The program in each month's work section of the mechanical department shows which machine tools must be serviced.

The head of the service department can appoint executors, print job assignments, and, after completion of the work, cancel their execution date and time.

In the event of emergency failures, a fault is registered and repair work immediately occurs in the physical unit of the physical unit with a higher priority as the target work.

After fault diagnostics, a spare part is required from the warehouse or entered into the system and a purchase order is formed. Upon receipt of the item, it is received and written off for registered fault.

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