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Program AIVA 9001 includes the functions designed control the staff access to the premises, provide a work-time recording and accounting system. 

 AIVA pass control and work time accounting system is shown below.


Control of staff entering/exiting to/from work premises and staff work-time accounting

The program can record the staff enter/exit/access to/from the work premises in two ways:

1)      In a direct way – by receiving the data from access control system, which is made of wickets, RFID (radio-frequency identification) controllers in order to read the cards and transfer the data to the database

2)      In an indirect way – by analysing the data, accumulated in the database by the registration system of the manufacturing operations (see production management)

The program, using these data, forms a register of staff enter/exit from the work, which indicates when employee has arrived to work and left from work, what employees have not come to work, calculates the employee’s work-hours per day. Using these data, the program automatically sets up a work-time accounting table sheet.

Installation of the staff entry/exit control and accounting system helps the company to reduce the losses due to working time delays, staff lateness and early exits from work, also frees the staff from recording and accounting of the employees’ working time.

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