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AIVA 9001 module AIVA COMMERCE computerizes the procedures of preparation and sending of documents, commercial offers, contracts, proforma invoices. With the help of module these funcions are performed:

·        Customization according customer wishes products characteristics during products ordering process

·         Customized products costs and price estimation of commercial proposals/offers

·        Preparing various documents- Commercial proposals, Proforma Invoices, Contracts

·        printing of documents or sending of documents via e-mail system

·        saving and registration of documents

·        finding, editing and re-sending of documents

·        conversion of one document (e.g. commercial offer) to another document (e.g. invoice)




Using the data from the commercial offer, after its approval by the customer, AIVA generates the respective orders: to the manufacturing division- to produce ordered Products, to the warehouse – to issue the ordered goods and products, to the supply division – to purchase ordered goods, to the Service division- to execute the service tasks.


Benefits of Commercial Module


1.        Manager’s working time is saved as AIVA calculates the costs and prices of the products, prepares and sends the commercial proposals. Using AIVA, the manager's performance increases several times, therefore, the company needs less managers or the same managers can make more sales.

2.        AIVA helps the manager to select among the potential options of assemblies of the product, enter the parameters of the product or the service under customer’s wish, and calculate the cost of the product, therefore, the likelihood for error to occur is reduced, no doubts that the manager selects the right materials or assemblies, the proper manufacturing operations and correctly calculates the price of the product or the service.

3.        When taking orders from foreign clients, the manager needs no foreign language skills, as he can prepare a proposal and AIVA will translate it into the desired language.


4.        All commercial offers, prepayment invoices and contracts are accumulated in a single database, therefore, these documents are easily found in case of rotation of managers and the information on contacts with customers is not lost.


5.        Better service to customers is provided, as proposals are prepared without delays, they are standardized, comprehensive, understandable, illustrative, translated to the customer’s language (if a foreign customer).


6.        The supply, warehouse, manufacturing departments need no new registration of the orders. The orders are converted from commercial proposals. No potential data entry mistakes remain.


7.        The Director of Commerce can easily control the works of sales managers, even if they work in different locations, he can view the prepared proposals, follow up the execution terms, obtain the daily sales statistics. In turn, the sales managers need to prepare no sales reports and they save their working-time.




AIVA enables the commercial offers to be prepared both for serial (standard) products and non-standard (customized) products.

Commercial offer of the standard products is prepared in the same way as of the ordinary re-sold products.

Standard products, e. g. the furniture units, manufactured in series for sale through a shop chain, are selected from the catalogue of products, the same one for program AIVA 9001 and e-shop. The search can be different for different products in the catalogue:

-       By selecting a group of products;

-       By searching the particular name, code or barcode;

-       By searching the particular characteristics of the product.

Non-standard product cost and price calculation

In order to prepare the commercial proposal of non-standard product, at the beginning, the product order template (product model) is selected from the Catalogue of Products of the program.

Depending on the template selected, the program displays the different forms (templates) to enter the characteristics of the product or to select different assemblies.

The template of characteristics is usually selected for the products, produced by the processing of the materials. In this template, the product dimensions shall be entered, and the materials and production operations shall be selected. The program calculates the quantity of materials needed for production, the time duration of manufacturing operations, the cost of the product, and its price.

The sub-assemblies, parts, components and manufacturing operations shall be selected for the to-be-assembled products. The program calculates the cost and price of the final product.

AIVA can make the quotations and prepare the commercial offer for very complex products, which are to be assembled using the components that are produced by processing the materials.

To-be-designed product data import from design program. Calculation of product’s cost and price.

If non-standard products are manufactured according to specific projects that designer develops and calculates the required materials, then at the time of acceptance of the order, the product type shall be selected from the catalog. The designed components of the product developed by the designer are imported from the file received from the design program, and the required materials shall be estimated for the designed product.

Estimates of the commercial proposal

AIVA, using the selected products, their estimated price, the required quantities, generates the estimates of the commercial offer (quotation). The program displays the proposal cost, price and mark-up. The manager can enter discount and view changes in profit of this proposal.

Using the estimates of the commercial proposal, the manager can select a document template to prepare the particular document: commercial offer, prepayment invoice, sale-purchase agreement, VAT invoice or order for manufacturing.

Preparation and sending of commercial offers. Editing and transfer of orders for manufacturing

After AIVA generates a commercial offer, it is possible to select the language and currency of this commercial offer.

There exist two possibilities to send the commercial offer, fully generated by AIVA: to print a paper document or to send via e-mail.

After the customer’s approval is received, the commercial offer is converted to the documents of Sale Contract, invoice and order for manufacturing.

Using the data from commercial offers and orders, AIVA automatically generates a workflow (OLAP, online analytical processing), which displays a real-time status of the commercial offer, order or their selections to edit.

The program generates the following statistical reports:

• Sales report by group of products

• Sales report by customers

• Sales report for employees

• Sales report by client units

• Sales report by company's divisions

• Sales report by months

• Report on intermediaries’ activities

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