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Production accounting for most manufacturing companies is a considerable work-consuming process, and requires a special accounting staff. In the cases that data is manually entered into the accounting system, it becomes old and not as relevant, this stale information has little benefit to the production management.


The Production Management Module in AIVA prevents these problems because it inputs the registration of receipt of materials, their transfer for manufacture, writing-off of the materials used for semi-finished and finished products, debiting of semi-finished and finished products, and accounting of the warehouse balance.


The accounting processing no longer needs the specially assigned accountants, because the accounting is carried out by giving the right commands. These commands, when performing the procedures of receipt and handing the materials out, is given to AIVA by the warehouse-keeper. The command of writing-off of the materials and debiting of the semi-finished and finished products is given by the employees themselves when they register their manufacturing operations carried out.



Advantages and benefits of the AIVA Production Accounting System:

1) The data from the orders to suppliers are used for debiting of the materials, resulting in labour reduction of warehousemen and accountants, as well as in avoidance of data entry errors when inputting into the system. Information on fulfilled supply orders are available to supply managers.

2) The implemented barcode technology helps to avoid errors. The materials and products, accounted for as received, can be printed on stickers with barcodes. During dispatch of the materials from the warehouse, the materials can be scanned to check whether the correct materials are taken for production.

3) AIVA, using the manufacturing orders, automatically generates the orders for internal materials transfer and writing-off. In order to approve the execution of the production operations, the program automatically debits the semi-finished and finished products and, consequently, this processing shall not be done by warehouse employees and accountants.

4) The program uses the data from the customer orders to issue the movement documents, resulting in less labour for warehouseman and accountants. The data entry errors are avoided. During dispatch of the products, scanning checks the loaded products according to the data in the order. Information on the products issued under the customer orders are monitored by sales managers.

5) Using a connection with the accounting module, during debiting and issuing the products, the values are automatically taken to the accounts, the warehouse accounting records are entered to the general accounting; therefore, these functions do not require an accountant as all debiting and issuing operations can be carried out by a warehouseman.

6) The logistics feature of the program computerises the transfer of the manufactured products from the finished production warehouse to the stores/shops that ordered the products.

7) AIVA automatically generates the necessary production transport documents: ordinary or export invoices, bills of lading, CMR documents.

8) AIVA automatically generates Intrastat report (file), which can be directly transferred to the customs system.

9) AIVA automatically generates files for transfer to IMAS and IVAS systems.



  Materials and products accounting module

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