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Before starting to manufacture some products made according to customer orders, such as blinds, windows, doors, etc., are required to do measurements at customer site to check the dimensions of the ordered product.

After then such products are produced in factory, it is often necessary to install them on the customers site.

Initial data for the management of such work is already in the client's order.

From these products, the program generates a list-plan of outstanding orders.

For such tasks is required align with customer time when acceptable to him, what is done in the calendar where is establishes a specific work plan according to the days and hours of the week.


Advantages of AIVA program:


· Helps to draw up a plan of measurement and installation work faster and at lower cost

· It is more expedient to distribute the work of the measurement-installation brigades by matching the arrival time with the clients

· Entrepreneurs can enter the customer's cash payment through the tablet by installing their own products

· The administration program helps to control the progress of the work in order not to delay the execution of orders

· It is easy to install a system of incentives for employees from the work done.


Work plan operators can view on a tablet or a smartphone.

Job registration can also be performed by the employees themselves through a mobile application on a smartphone or tablet, they register the start of the work and end-to-finish on the smartphone, and can take a picture of the work done.

Calculation of salaries (bonuses) for executors. In accordance with the assigned cost of work, the program automatically calculates salaries or bonuses from their work and displays it in a report.



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